Get to know us

Welcome to Beaches and Meteors, your ultimate destination for stylish, 16-bit artwork printed t-shirts! At Beaches and Meteors, we transform simplicity into style, bringing you unique designs inspired by the classic 16-bit era. Our t-shirts are more than just apparel; they are the perfect blend of comfort, style, and nostalgia, fit for any activity.

Whether you're hitting the beach, watching a meteor shower, or simply enjoying a walk in the park, our designs are as versatile as you are. Every shirt is a nod to the aesthetic charm of the 16-bit world, with a modern twist that aligns with contemporary fashion. We're passionate about quality, which is why we use premium, comfortable materials that you'll love wearing day in and day out.

Here at Beaches and Meteors, we’re not just selling t-shirts; we're fostering a community that cherishes simplicity and timeless style. So join us, as we bring the pixelated charm of the past into the fashionable present, one t-shirt at a time!

Our mission

At Beaches and Meteors, our mission is to celebrate the classic charm of 16-bit artistry by translating it into stylish, comfortable, and high-quality apparel. We strive to provide our customers with unique designs that enhance their everyday activities and embody their love for simplicity and timeless aesthetics. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience, excellent customer service, and products of the highest quality.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading global brand in the fusion of 16-bit art and modern fashion, renowned for our unique, stylish, and comfortable apparel. We aspire to build a community that appreciates and cherishes the aesthetic of the 16-bit era. Through our commitment to innovation, design, and sustainability, we aim to inspire a love for simplicity and nostalgia in fashion, transforming ordinary activities into extraordinary experiences with our products.